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Another week at headquarters

Hey Friends and Family,
I hope you all having an awesome week. We've been keeping pretty busy up here. One of the things about being up here in the Headquarters mission, is that there is a lot of routine. There's quite a bit of variance in that routine like with anything about life. Nevertheless, it's still a lot of fun. Particularly with the Discovery zone right now. We're just creeping into Summer and that means tourist season. Being here has allowed me to meet and talk with people from all over the planet. It's quite amazing to hear about their various backgrounds and reasons for coming, and is also even more amazing to see their family histories and about their ancestors. It's truly a gratifying experience.
On some of the less general stuff, last Thursday I spent the morning with the other Discovery District Leader at Leadership Council. It was also the Anniversary of D-Day. So, that was mainly what our Mission President decided to instruct us on. It was l…

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