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Last Devotional Talk (kind of), New Computer, and Navigation in Protest Territory

I guess it must be the season again. It seems whenever General Conference comes closer, the world just wants to have a fit. I don't get to read a lot of news. But, even just by being in proximity to Headquarters we see a lot of the effects. With the Coronavirus picking up outside of China, we as church workforce are placed under the same rules the CDC recommends, with a bit more added on. No more shaking hands until further notice (mission president changed that from just minimizing it), two meters of proximity between coughing and sneezing people, etc. On another note, there was also a protest yesterday. For the afternoon part, we just had a nice time sitting back and working in the library. By the time we left they were busy parading around. Getting to night zone though, that was tricky. Church History- Special Projects is a bit of a versatile zone. They can set up shop almost anywhere. However, in order to have and undisturbed and suitable location, we work in the missi

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