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Brookdale & Transfers

Hey friends and family!
I hope everything is going well for you all this week.
This week has had a few major events that I'd like to note this week. I'm not much for preambling rhetoric so I'll just jump right into it.
Last Sunday my Companion and I had the opportunity to assist in the Sunday services of the Brookdale Assisted Living Center for the morning. I was able to drive about half of the total 14 Elders over to the facility, and help with the Main Sacrament Meeting, and the Memory Care Sacrament meeting. It was a very spiritual 2.5 hours, and really set us up for the rest of our Sunday.
On Tuesday was Transfers. I really only had one significant change. I'm still in British Services, still in the same apartment, and still have the same P-day. However, I now have a new companion. My old companion was moved to Church History Special Projects, and moved to a different living location. My new companion is an Elder Garfield. He's somewhat of a legend around the …

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