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Transfers Approaching and Workload Increasing

Hey Friends and Family,
Man, this transfer has flown by. I guess in a mission where a typical transfer is about a month, it's not too hard. But, I'd figure clocks were tampered with if it wasn't my own watch telling me. Nevertheless, life goes forward.
This transfer has definitely been a new experience in my mission. After assisting in the church's genealogical work for so long, the church's personal historical work has definitely been a big shift. It's kind of funny. This transfer started off with us having the zone's normal workload taken away. About a week later, it was given back to us temporarily, and now this week it's been given back permanently. The Church History Department has left it up to the various teams in acquisitions to choose whether or not they want us to put Annual Histories through the processes we've been doing. Two of the largest teams have chosen to do so. What this means is next transfer in the collections zone is going to …

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